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About voice movement human body induction switch

26 Dec 2017 -

     The purpose of the human body induction switch area is relatively broad, see in our life is long, such as: convenience stores will ring "welcome" that take the door sensors, automatic toilet flush sensors, alarm of valuables, including applied to digital products, robot, intelligent toys, and so on.

     1, used for disinfection rooms.People to automatically turn off the disinfection equipment, people, and automatic equipment.The escort for your health.

     2, used in hotels, hotel, etc.Replace the existing take electric card, you can also monitor the dynamic of the room.People come, automatically open the power supply, people go, automatically shut off the main gate.Human nature is dye-in-the-wood.

     3, used in schools and communities corridor, the garage.It can be done to fully bright, people walk half light, on the premise of safe, and great to save energy.

     4, used for meeting room, office, bathroom, basement.It can be done to light, people from the lights went out, great to avoid the waste, save energy for you, also for you to leave out to forget to turn off the lights.Used in the bedroom.It can slowly dim the lights, then turn off, slowly can also set the lamp light.

     Voice movement has a lot of the choice of switch, with voice, electric, shadow control, vibration, touches, such as extrusion, button, switch control.Shenzhen XDT electronic co., LTD., specializing in the production design all kinds of speech movement, can provide all kinds of switch selection, let the products become more creative and practical.For more information please pay attention to the XDT electronic!