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How to choose toys for kid from 0-1 year old

17 Oct 2017 -

  Children aged 0 and 1 at this age, interest and ability of children to use all the senses - sight, hearing, taste, 

     smell and touch to understand the world around them.Because they will to smell, taste, sound, touch and visual response, so the proper choice of toys for children's understanding of item size, shape, sound, texture and how to perform the functions of opportunity.In the period of children are learning to form the concept of causality, and like to repeat it.Should choose a variety of quality toys, because it can give children a different feel.To choose light in weight, children can pick up the toys.

 toys for kid

    color bright, can get the attention of infants and young children visual attention and auditory toy is a good choice.When children start to learn to grasp things, after the bell, fashion audible toys, fitness hang a bell, with harmonious music child bed can catch the voice of the bed to hang, bath toys are very suitable for children to play.

      Software for dolls, all kinds of animals in the shape of a stuffed toy for rich children tactility and learn to embrace things is helpful, but this kind of toy is not suitable for children suck and bite.

        Make sure toys gap cannot easily be tear or bite open, toys on the eyes and nose will be securely fixed, not loose, learning by children have been able to play with pictures and bright-coloured color blocks.From big to small set of nested cup or nested boxes, sizes set of layers of circle is children very like.

        This age children like repeat see those paintings have they know objects colour painting book.Ball and push-pull toys to children will be able to crawl and walk is a good choice.When selecting toys to note: the size of the toy parts is enough big, does not cause the child to swallow, dangerous toys, weight is lighter, can grasp, hold by a child or a toy, with no sharp edges or sharp color, bright toys.

        It is best to choose some music book, which not only improve the child's visual and auditory, more can strengthen the child's hearing.Music is some lyrical as far as possible, this is the child to be more quiet, when it comes to hearing about the quality of the sound quality is, can never be neglected the child's hearing is very sensitive, good sound quality and audio source is very important.

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