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Popular Squeeze Box Series in Xinditai Eletronics Co.,Ltd

07 Dec 2017 -
Xinditai,a professional manufacturer of electronic products,sees a great development during these years.We devote to design functional products with high practical usage and low cost.As a enterprise of listed shares,our culture is serious and responsible from research and development,production,sales and service in every products procedure.

Many Kinds of promotional electronic products have been designed and produced.I would like to introduce one of our hot selling Squeeze Box Series,some excellent special gifts for your friends and your family.



Hot selling models in our company,we have five kinds of models,with different size and colors,also we can customize your logo and your sounds for your like.we have the professional engineers to write every specific program and have a excellent production line to promise our quality and reach all the effects that our customer require.




Musical duration time:1-1800s

Activated way:Push button

Usage:Sound gifts,brochures,company promotion,learning tools for kids and gifts etc.

Function:play after push, easy play and clearly sound.

Certificate:CE,RoHS,FCC,Eco-friendly material,mercury-free battery.



(1)Experience :with experience of more than 15 years in this industrial;

(2)OEM&ODM :According to customer requirement and products ,OEM to service to customers around the world.

(3)Quality Assurance: Products quality assurance ,with a product license to provide the perfect service.

(4)Service Team :Professional service team and professional technical team.


Besides,recently,we have designed a new button with flashing and sound function which we trust can develop a new market.the button with high transmittance cover,lego style bottom design.There are more and more customer interested in it recently.